Valpolicella DOC


The light breeze

Production | 7.000 bottles.

Tipology | Dry red wine.

Grapes | Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella and Molinara, only property grapes hand selected to ensure a perfect quality.

Harvest | Manual, in late September.

Soil | Calcareus, tufaceus, meager and rich in skeleton.

Vinification | The fully ripe bunches are harvested and pressed immediately. The vinification occurs in stainless steel tanks with the control of all the parameters.

Aging | A part of the wine rests in steel tank while the other it ages in wooden barrels for 12 months. After that, the two batch are carefully mixed together and this will give life to Zèfiro. The wine spends at least 3 months in bottle before the sale. The total production time is 2 years.

Food pairing | It’s a young wine, ideal as an aperitif and throughout everyday meal. Recommended with soft cheeses, white meat, pasta and risotto.

Ruby red color with slight purple hues.
On the nose is elegant and fragrant, red fruity notes like cherry and strawberry are accompanied by a slight spiciness.
In the mouth it’s fresh and fruity with a softness balanced by a light acidic final.
Valpolicella DOC